Hello, friend!

Welcome to my blog. I have posted some photos of my life to share with you. It's a simple little life, but I'm a simple little girl. Please enjoy, and feel free to leave comments
if you'd like.

H.R.H. Carlotta

Friday, November 23

Grooming and Lazing in the Morning Sun

Look closely and you can see my little bitty tongue!

Yes, I am a most fastidious groomer.

But that sunbeam is hard to resist...

I'm giving in to its lovely, lovely warmth...

And... I'm down.

Oh, the comfort.

Yes, I believe I will stay here for a while.

Monday, November 19

Give me a raisin!!!

Sunday, November 11

Uh, maybe I'm being critical...

But I think they might wanna hold off on the sign for a while.

Tuesday, November 6

It's finally fall!!!!

I thought it would be hot and humid forever. But the weather appears to have changed...finally! I hopped around the neighborhood late this afternoon and got some pictures of the foliage so you could see!

Well, I'm coming down from the high of my cuteoverload debut. But I can't help checking myself out!

At home

Working hard on the blog. Gotta keep my friends updated.

So much to say...I wonder what I should talk about? Hmmm...

Let me just get more comfortable here. (I never realize how teeny-tiny I am until I'm dwarfed - no pun intended!- by something like a keyboard! I mean, seriously, this desk is like the size of a football field to me!)

I heart rain! Especially from the perspective of the bunny warren-esque basement apartment.

A cool new candle we got. Plus some incense ashes that need to be cleaned up...

Some things I saw in town one day a couple of weeks ago...

A cool building downtown.

This church is just down the street from home. The little market in the foreground was featured in the Washington Post recently. It's nice but the people who run it are SOOOO very slow. Plus they have been robbed at gunpoint a bunch of times...

Look at the birdies perched WAY up there!

There was some kind of navy show going on at the Navy Memorial.
Navy chick in a hurry.
Super-creepy fake Navy SEAL guy that scared me.

Vintage boat.

This is just goofy!
Madam's Organ in Adams-Morgan (This is mainly for Louise's benefit!)

Got a new cashmere sweater...it's actually a sock. Makes me look like a little sausage, it's so snug. But my, my, so very comfy!

Can't you just tell how much I heart being held? Looks like I'm waiting to be gobbled up by a hawk..."Please, just make it fast! Me no likey the pain."

I hope you enjoy the turtleneck. I know I certainly do.

Also, notice the studded argyle pattern on my fancy sweater. (Not as wonderful as Angela's, though, which was made especially for me...and not for an adult human FOOT.)