Hello, friend!

Welcome to my blog. I have posted some photos of my life to share with you. It's a simple little life, but I'm a simple little girl. Please enjoy, and feel free to leave comments
if you'd like.

H.R.H. Carlotta

Sunday, September 9

Here I am in the penthouse. That blue towel really shows off my silver hair, don't ya think? and check out the little ramp that helps me get in through the back second story window. Life is good.

Sometimes I let my stuffed bunny friend hang out with me in the penthouse suite. Here I'm giving him a little kiss. (I keep forgetting he's not real...)
In fact, I heart him so much, I'm going to give him another smooch!

I can also enjoy a treat, such as this lovely romaine lettuce, when I'm lounging downstairs. (This picture was taken the day I got my new home and before it was relocated and carpeted with the pretty blue towel. (Did I mention that I'm waiting for carpeting?!) ;>

I have a great view through the second story window. As you can tell by my expression, though, I don't like being disturbed when I'm grooming myself. You go now!
My home from another angle. Damn, I hate the red eye!

I need a snack.
Hmmm...somebody accidentally left a tin of raisins on the floor...

The lid is off.

I'm goin in!!

Um, I may have some tummy trouble if I eat all of these! Sure are TASTY, though! And ADDICTIVE.
Like crack.
But not whack.

Better balance out that diet with some greens!

Cuz when it's hot I do enjoy a bit of popsicle...this is grape, my favorite!!
It takes a long time to eat a popsicle...don't you think the red sets off my silver well, too? And check out my itty-bitty mouth and my teeny-tiny feetsies.

One more thing...

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Stay tuned...

Later this week I will meet my first dog!!!
There will be pictures...if I survive it. ;>

And another exciting bit of news!!

My friend Angela is knitting me my very own sweater! I'll be modeling it once I get it. It'll be soooo comfy and warm when the weather cools!