Hello, friend!

Welcome to my blog. I have posted some photos of my life to share with you. It's a simple little life, but I'm a simple little girl. Please enjoy, and feel free to leave comments
if you'd like.

H.R.H. Carlotta

Monday, July 6

Saturday, July 4

Monday, June 29

Sunday, June 7

A new play area for me!

My play pen just got more playful, with a little "grassy knoll" and new places to hide and play.

Tuesday, April 28

Thursday, March 19

my new favorite game

i love to have this basket put over me, and then spend lots of time trying to get it off.


Sunday, March 1

Exploring the backyard

Saturday, February 28


i really missed birds when i was away. there is little sign of nature in a city, and aside from squirrels and pigeons (which i happen to like), there are few animals around. now that i'm back in lovely california, i put up a little bird feeder in the backyard. yesterday the birds found the feeder. here they are.

More birds

i also am very happy to see the brown pelican again! i love these dudes.

Wednesday, February 25

i love the new space heater. it gets soooo very toasty warm! i can't get quite close enough to it, though. i just love love love to be right on top of it! i forgot that california does get chilly sometimes.

this is supposed to be "warm" and "cute"......uh, i don't like it.

Tuesday, February 24

Monday, February 23

Tuesday, February 3

Back on the left coast!

i'm so happy to be back in california. with the moving and settling in, though, i have not yet had a chance to take new photos and update my blog. i will soon, i promise!