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H.R.H. Carlotta

Thursday, December 6

Snow bunny

So, it snowed. Big deal. I was forced to go outside in it, although I would rather be warm inside. Jeez, talk about freezing! It was 18 degrees! I have to admit, though, that I was pretty interested in it. But the charm wore off real quick. Good thing I'm a pampered girl, and when I went back inside I was toweled off and put in a new warm sweater straight out of the dryer! But I'm not doin that again.

Here's how it went.

Jesus, it's cold. Can I sneak inside this way?

That way?

What am I to do? It's so very cold!
Please, please bring me inside. I'm begging you.
Don't I look pitiful and tiny, all up to my shoulders in snow??
Look at my little eyes. All sad and pathetic.

Great, thanks for nothin. Meanie. Look, I'm practically buried.
I hate you. So I'm gonna turn my back on you. You can just stare at my butt.

Let me try the getaway again.

Oh no, I'm confused! Which way do I go?

Looks like there's only one thing to do.

"Dear God, please get me out of this cold. Amen."

Nope, still here...

"Aren't you listening to me, Yahweh?????"

Obviously praying aint gonna work.
I'll just suffer through it til I can go back to my warm cottontail cottage
(which, by the way, still has that crappy blue towel for carpeting!)

Finally, looks like we're going inside. I hope to never be a snow bunny again!
Now take this wet sweater off of me and put me in something warm. Now.