Hello, friend!

Welcome to my blog. I have posted some photos of my life to share with you. It's a simple little life, but I'm a simple little girl. Please enjoy, and feel free to leave comments
if you'd like.

H.R.H. Carlotta

Sunday, February 24

Got a lovely new shrug from Angela

I hate to be boastful, but I really am a vision in it, aren't I?

Blogging in my new shrug. I just HEART the green!!

Aaaaaagggghhhhh!!! I'm slipping!

Nice gams.

My California Kitty Friends Had a Birthday!

Maggie and Lola didn't like their hats very much.

Bunny Miata

Notice my little sports car in the background. It looks very small, but it's actually just WAY in the background...going to go for a spin in it sporting my new shrug!

Bunny hugs.

Thursday, February 14

My Kitty Valentine

Come over here and kiss me!

Tuesday, February 12

Sometimes I get so angry I could scream.

But since I can't scream, I look for other, forceful ways to express my displeasure. Take tonight, for example. It was cold, so I was forced to put on my cashmere sweater. Which, while fetching and really quite comfy, is a bit snug and therefore a pain to get on and off. Well, if I didn't wriggle and jiggle and try my darnedest to avoid the sweater. An altogether unpleasant experience. Followed by a mishap in which I almost fell off the penthouse roof of my cottage. Man, was I pissed! And when I'm mad, this is what I do. I toss my litter box around and make a big mess. How do I do it? Good question, since it's taller than I am. But I manage.

Then I hide under the bed.

And i come out only with the promise of a treat...

...which I quickly devour.

I'm still so angry, I'm seeing red.

Then I take off, leaving the offending party in the dust...

...kicking my feet up high in case there's any doubt about how I feel. (Check out the donkey action!)

Kitty and I played hide-and-seek the other day

We both won.
(the dirty window, by the way, is due to the kitty rubbing up against it.
can't keep it clean thanks to him!)

Sunday, February 3

pretty girl

that sun gets me every time.

Ugly doll and me sharing a meal.

Apparently some people are not curbing their puppies.

And this neighbor is not pleased.

This is a terrible thing to do to a teddy.