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H.R.H. Carlotta

Tuesday, February 12

Sometimes I get so angry I could scream.

But since I can't scream, I look for other, forceful ways to express my displeasure. Take tonight, for example. It was cold, so I was forced to put on my cashmere sweater. Which, while fetching and really quite comfy, is a bit snug and therefore a pain to get on and off. Well, if I didn't wriggle and jiggle and try my darnedest to avoid the sweater. An altogether unpleasant experience. Followed by a mishap in which I almost fell off the penthouse roof of my cottage. Man, was I pissed! And when I'm mad, this is what I do. I toss my litter box around and make a big mess. How do I do it? Good question, since it's taller than I am. But I manage.

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Rabbits' Guy said...

Little bunny, little bunny. You do BIG work! Actually it sounds like you are enjoying it!!!