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H.R.H. Carlotta

Sunday, June 15

Yes, I'm still alive!!

I've been such a flake, I know. It's been a few months since I last posted. Where has the time gone?! Since March I have settled into new digs in a new area. I have stories to tell, pictures to share, observations to relay. Let me begin by posting a photo of my new cage...actually, it's more of a condo. This is my view as I prepare to jump in. Why do I have a new cage? After all, I have been a free range bunny for over a year.
In April, shortly after my last post, I was left at home alone -- ABANDONED, really -- for several days. Big whoop, the pet sitter came every day. I was not a happy girl! So I decided that I would pee on the carpet. Several times. (Note that my life has been notable for my extreme cleanliness and superb litter box habits.) Then, every day for several weeks, I tossed my litter box (only after it was good and dirty, of course), to make the biggest mess possible. I think I made my point. Before long I found myself relegated to the bathroom with my litter box (I assume someone was trying to retrain me!). HA!!! I just started using the area behind the toilet as my new litterbox. Leaving a horrible smell. So the experiment in retraining failed. Miserably. Next thing I knew, this GIGANTIC, four level condo was being unpacked, my litterbox and food and bed placed in it. I was locked in for a night, just long enough to reteach me where the litterbox was and that I should go IN IT, not anywhere else...and guess what?
I spent that first night jumping from one level to the next, over and over, all night. The human thought I was upset, trying to get out, and she felt pretty guilty. But in the morning, when the cage door opened, I spent about an hour jumping in and out of the cage, trying different angles, the best way to get from the bottom up to my hay, over to my food, down to my bed, etc. What fun!!! It's like a playground. So everyone's happy. I have a refuge. I use my litter box again. It was a good move!
Speaking of moves, I have much to report on, including my move to a different area. That will come later.

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The Bunns said...

Well, my goodness ... just about when we were about to give up on you! Glad to hear you are doing well ... tell us all!