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H.R.H. Carlotta

Saturday, August 23

Whoopdeedoo, I'm Four.

My fourth birthday was on August 19th.
It was forgotten by somebody...who tried to make it up to me by throwing me a surprise party.
I am not interested in participating.
Okay, I will humor you. But make it quick.
Okay, got your picture? I'm getting the H out of here.
Come on! Enough pictures already.
oh, and my present?
i'm sitting in it.
not enjoying this. not enjoying this at all!

that ribbon thing that was in my hair appears to be edible.
i grabbed that little disk with the chocolate on it and made a run for it.
okay, maybe i do like birthdays, after all.


nicole said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest bunny in the greater D.C. area -- and probably the country.
Your devoted fans in California.

The Bunns said...

Happy Happy B'Day, P-Carlotta

You are one cute bunny!